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To Start: Call 925-672-9989 & Request IT Tech Support

Computer running slow, clogged with malware, spyware, virus, Trojans & other computer bugs?  Remote Control Help desk provides remote PC support for Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Server software.  Connect to RCH for file transfers (data transfer) malware removal, provention, cleanup and security for your computer. A tech will capture your desktop and resolve your issues... Connect Now!

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  • Fill in IT Support form above - Agree to terms & proceed to the Help Desk.
  • If you have Norton Internet Security & other Removal Programs, disable them.
  • Click Connect Now (below) to establish your IT Support Session.
  • Remote Assistance will start a Window program asking Save or Run -> Click RUN.
  • A second Window will open Click -> RUN Again.  A timer will verify the start of a remote session. (No charges until a Tech takes over.)
  • Remote Control Help Y / N Type appears Type -> Y for Yes.
  • You're done, a Remote Control Help session has started, we'll take over from there.
Your PC Remote Session will be served in the order received. If "Remote Assistance" is highlighted as Long(on left) you will enter a queue for the next available technician. Leave your pc & remote session on.  Call 925-672-9989.
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